Horses coming & going

Polly found a job in Kentucky at the Horse Park and is moving her 2 horses from Avalon to their new home with her. (Sparkle & Cody) Someone is coming to pick them up in the morning. I’ll miss them but glad for her to have all of her horses with her in one place. They’ve done well here and Sparkle has bonded some with Journey I think so I’ll have to offer her another pal. 4 new horses came in the last few weeks and there’s one little mare that would make a perfect friend. When sparkle leaves I’ll move her over to that paddock.


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One response to “Horses coming & going

  1. rckevlin

    That little mare is adorable. She’s pony-sized, but perfectly proportioned as an Arab. She’s skinny, her mane is tangled, and her coat is scraggly, but she exudes an air of majesty and beauty any way. Maybe we can post a pic of her here.

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