Michigan Womyns Festival 2007

Come on you know you want to…Emily & I are traveling with three lesbians from Nashville. I am going to give a workshop there too “Lesbian Podcasting 101” If you’ve never been and always wanted to now is the time. Early ticket prices are until I think the 2nd week of July. Don’t wait just get ’em and come on! 20007emailposter445x556.jpg


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  1. 45 days and counting…
    Emily & I and Tana & MaryAnne and a friend of Tana’s are going. Anyone want to caravan? I’m doing a workshop this year…should be fun:
    “Lesbian Podcasting 101” I’m going to plant a tiny seed see and these womyn up there are going to leave the festival all inspired to get in on the podcasting thing and find their inner voices to share with all of us! Sound like a good plan? I think so. My dream is to fill up my ipod with lesbian podcasts from all over the globe. One big festival in my ears all the time.-Val

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