This has never happened before during a war in the U.S.

While the news has complete coverage of Paris Hilton here’s a story they’d rather you not pay attention to…they’re replacing the top guy in charge of the Iraq occupation with a navy guy. Now that make sense…we’re fighting a “war” in a desert and the guy that’s supposedly going to lead the operation has experience only in the OCEAN!!!!

WASHINGTON, June 8 — The Bush administration said Friday that it would not reappoint Gen. Peter Pace to a second term as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, making him the highest-ranking officer to be a political casualty of the fight over Iraq.

Ronen Zilberman/Associated Press
Adm. Mike Mullen, the chief of naval operations, will replace General Peter Pace as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said the decision was reached in order to avoid bitter hearings in a Democratic-controlled Senate that is already confronting the White House over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I have decided that at this moment in our history, the nation, our men and women in uniform, and General Pace himself would not be well-served by a divisive ordeal in selecting the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” Mr. Gates said.

The defense secretary stood alone at a Pentagon podium in making the announcement, and he spoke in somber tones in describing how he fully had intended to recommend General Pace be offered a second two-year term as chairman, only to change his mind over the last few weeks after consulting with senior senators of both parties.

Mr. Gates said he would recommend that President Bush appoint Adm. Michael G. Mullen, the chief of naval operations, to serve as the next chairman. The defense secretary praised Admiral Mullen as a man of “vision, strategic insight, experience and integrity.”

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  1. Steve

    What worries me is that we are eliminating from high position in the military anyone who have ever seen battle. To say it in an interesting, intriguing way, we are miniaturizing the Military from high military positions.

    Petraeus excelled academically, but outside the ivy towers has had no real experience or achievement I can see.

    Mullen, too excelled academically. Harvard Business School. But we aren’t running a Fortune 500 company here and even if we were practical experience also accounts for a lot in the business world.

    So what I see in this two men are that they are Military in Name Only. Sure they went through the military to get their academic achievement but in the end that’s all they got through the military. The didn’t get a real world military experience of what it is like to be in battle.

    Now, I don’t totally dismiss those who are educated (you can be smart but still not educated). Most of our generals were very educated, but they also came from the military background and had practical experiences necessary for them to understand the nature of war. There are just stuff you can’t get from a book regardless of how smart you are and the mistake I have seen many smart people make is that the have developed all these complex high minded philosophies without even considering the real world practicalities of their ideas. Yeah, they outsmart themselves, and the troops suffer whereas someone with “street smarts” can quickly tell if a plan of action just might not work, even if it got a lot of accolades when presented as a PhD dissertation.

    I understand that the constitution puts the ultimate control of the military in the hands of a civilian. That is most likely a very good idea. But surely they expected that the President would surround himself when making decisions on military manners with good military leaders who could give him a perspective from a military point of view. But when the military leaders themselves are nothing but de-facto business managers, professors, bureaucrats, politicians, where will future presidents go to get the point of view of the Soldier? Where will they go to get the point of view of the warrior.

    Bush has made it quite clear. He doesn’t want any soldier, any warrior in a leadership position in our military!

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