Nashville Pride June 2, 2007

ⓒ1995 Finally Free Music/BMI
Written By: Valerie Reynolds
Nashville Pride Video By:
Reynolds Productions
Nashville, Tennessee



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4 responses to “Nashville Pride June 2, 2007

  1. We love the vid, we were wondering if there was a chance you had more pics of us in the parade? or more clips of us because our camera was damaged in the storm and we lost what footage we had shot for the day.

    You did an amazing job on this video and it captured the spirit of the day so well.

    We have been looking all day for pictures of the storm that came later but it seems no one has those posted just yet.. If you do have pics or vid that you don’t mind sharing we will give you full credit for them or just keep them in our personal album if that is what you wish.
    Hersband and Wife
    The whimsical lesbian advice columnists and so much more!

  2. Hi,
    Glad you enjoyed the video. I visited your site and think we should trade links. pretty cool! As for the footage it was shot in HD for future documentary so I need to keep it close if you know what I mean. If you saw a specific clip of you wonderful lesbians in the video and can point it out for me I may have a longer segment of just that in the raw footage i can email you. be happy to check while it’s still in the computer. i didn’t get the storm as we were in the coffee shop across the street when it hit. i was worried about my camera in the weather too so we high tailed it out of there. what a great day it was. -val

  3. The footage you have with us in it is where we are driving by in the red convertible and the two of us are sitting on the back while the boys are driving.
    We understand holding onto footage for projects… Let us know when you get your project done we would love to promote it for you (by telling all that we know about it) ..
    We would also love to swap links with you just let us know what you would like your link to say.
    You can email us if you like anytime and let us know what you would like the link to say and how you would like it to look.. Banner or just text static?

  4. any or all of this would be great and i’ll put you on the blogroll and the main site…thanks!

    Lesbians blogging & podcasting
    “Outloud on the internet & outside on the John Deere”

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