sometime congress isn’t the only one to write

found this in my email and thought it worth sharing…way to go MaryAnne! She’s on my bowling team the ya=ya’s and we bowl together on the gay league “The Rainbowlers”

Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2007 10:28 AM
Subject: US Bowler magazine article

To the Editorial Staff:

I enjoy my US Bowler magazine, but wanted to share
my dismay regarding the
Spare Me article in the Summer 2007 issue on page 4.

I have been bowing for 32 years and have supported
my local city, state,
and 600 tournaments.

When I read the section in the Spare Me article
regarding “By the
Numbers”, I thought “there must be an oversight”.
There was no mention of
the Percentage of USBC adult female members whose
average was 200 or higher.

I was glad to see the other average listing for
both females and males,
but I’m curious as to why was the female category
excluded from the 200 or
higher category?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your

Thanks for your e-mail to US Bowler magazine at the
United States Bowling
Congress. We will pass along your thoughts to our
editors to see

if similar numbers for women can be included in a
future issue. We wish you
continued success on the lanes this season.

Mark Miller

USBC Public Relations

Bowl with US



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2 responses to “sometime congress isn’t the only one to write

  1. Frank Cook

    Was reading your summer 2008 issue and the article about Jason Belmonte the two handed bowler. I live and bowl in Springfield, Ohio and we have young man here named Ricky Fuller who also bowls with the two handed style like Jason. Ricky is probably in his middle twenties and as best as I can count has over 60 300 games and almost that many 800 series plus he has somewhere around 30 299 games. In an article about two handed bowlers you would think he would get some recognition. Ricky looks just like Jason when he bowls, style wise and he wears tennis shoes so he doesn’t slide. I well be anxious to hear your reply. Thank You
    Frank Cook

  2. I personally Bowl w/Ricky I just wish you would put him and Jason together. Ricky weighs around 140lbs and throws twice the ball Jason Belmonte. I am in no way saying jason is not a good bowler but what i am saying is that Ricky Bowls in a PBA leauge same shot, and 5 nights a week in different houses, and shoots a 300 or 800,299 298 at least once a week one of the four. this kid adveraged over 250 for a complete season I just hope some one from the pba gets this and truley pits them agaisnt each other Ricky will beat him 8 out of 10 games for fun, and I am not playing around I will put as much money on this as you want me to. Hell I adverage 227,231 222 and he beats me like a step child I adverage over 700 and I am nothing to him in on year I myself had over 20 honer scores and he had more 300’s than I had honer scores . Please call Victory lanes in Springfield Ohio 45503 and set up a Gruge Match on tv and I quarentee you will get pay per view on this and make alot of money on this please give him a chance he deserves, he will make Jason look like a youth bowler, I promise. thank you for your time,

    God Bless:

    Bobby Jr.

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