Nashville Folks working for Peace

I interviewed Karl on my podcast in March. He was at the peace march on Music Row. We all gathered there and marched downtown to the federal building. I just got this update from him. Contact Nashville’s Peace & Justice Center about upcoming protests, marches etc-Val

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your participation in our lobbying project, whether by endorsing our common statement, or by joining in one of our eight visits to Congressional offices to state our case.

First, we are looking for an intern/organizer who will be sponsored by Nashville Greenlands War Resisters League chapter to work half-time at the Nashville Peace and Justice Center, to continue organizing work to put pressure on Tennessee’s Congresspeople to vote against future appropriations for the Iraq War. Qualifications include dedication to peace organizing, and experiences indicating good natural organizing skills. Compensation will include free housing and organic garden foods at Nashville Greenlands community, plus a stipend of $50 per week from Nashville Greenlands. If you know anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to call Karl Meyer at 615-322-9523.

Summary to date: Between February 6 and May 4, we made five visits to Congressman Cooper’s office, and held three meetings with the staff directors at the offices of Senators Alexander and Corker. To each we delivered about five hundred statements of support for our platform of ending the Iraq War and prohibiting military attack against Iran. A total of about one hundred of the signers participated in one or more of our office visits, and expressed their feelings and beliefs, often very eloquently, to the Congressional staff members who met with us. Fifty people attended our May 4 meeting with the Middle Tennessee field representatives for Senators Alexander and Corker. The staff at all three offices listened carefully and took many notes; however, Congressman Cooper and Senators Alexander and Corker all voted against bills to mandate a schedule for troop withdrawals from Iraq, and all three voted for the final supplemental appropriations bill that was sent to the President. As you know, the Democratic Congressional leadership, including Congressman Cooper, caved in to the President and sent him a bill with no mandate and no schedule for withdrawing troops and ending the Iraq War.

The struggle now shifts to military authorization and appropriations bills for Fiscal 2008 ( October 1, 2007 – September 30, 2008) with about $145 billion to fund the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, which will be debated and voted on this summer and fall. We hope to have an intern/organizer on board to help us organize action on these bills.

Thank you for your participation so far,

Karl Meyer and Pam Beziat, for Peaceable Assembly


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