Hay time

The grass seed tops were just beginning to emerge so we decided it was time to cut the hay. We have a lot of Johnson Grass in one field by the creek and it is really good for hay if cut young. Knee high it has the protein content of alphalfa but if you wait too long it’s really stemmy and it’s high moisture content will rot the bales. So I cut both hay fields yesterday. It was slow going because this time of year the deer are having their babies and they hide them in the tall grasses. Most will run off when they hear the tractor but a newborn won’t. The other problem is the tractor is acting up. (losing power)

We took the tractor in to the dealership in Dickson last week and they not only didn’t fix the problems, they charged us for parts they didn’t put in. We won’t be going back there again. Emily said he was an amazing lier.

So She is going to work on it today and hopefully it will make it through the raking and hay rolling before we take it somewhere else. She changed the fuel filter, air filters and is putting an injector cleaning additive today to try and unclogg them.

The forcast is clear and hot through next wed. so at least that’s not a problem.


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