hay time & tractor sick

Kevlins found a newborn fawn today in their campsite. They left for a few hours and when they came back it was gone. Mama must have come and moved it. I had my eyes peeled cutting the hay yesterday and mowed in B1 (very slow)

Today I raked it all into winrows to get ready for the baler. First day we cut it and let it dry in the sun. The next day we rake it into 3′ wide rows which also flips it over so that side drys. The third or fourth day we roll it into 4’x5′ 1000 lb rolls. Then we pick it up with a hay spear on the front of the tractor and bring it to the hay barn. Last year we fed 63 rolls over the winter and I bought about 75 square bales too. It’s mixed grasses (fescue, lespideeza, orchard & johnson) The protein is about 12% i think but I plan to test this batch to be sure. the johnson is as rich as alfalfa so it depends how much of that is in the mix.

The tractor keeps losing power and stalling but hoping to limp through until the hay is done before taking it in to another shop in clarksville. There’s a problem in the fuel system or the carberator. We’ve had to use a can of starting fluid (a few squirts in the air filter intake) to get it started when it stalls. Emily spent about 4 hours working on it today. She disconnected all the fuel lines and blew them out. She changed the fuel filter & air filter the other day. It could be the fuel injecters clogged too. We hooked up the bailer and everything worked so we’re going for it and hoping the tractor holds up for the job. This is the best looking hay we’ve had yet and not a weed hardly in it. Wouldn’t ya know…I’ll feel better when it’s all in the barn. -val


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  1. ann

    you two have all of the fun, here i am stuck laying hardwood flooring, painting, tearing down and rebuildind decks.

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