New TEP Board members elected

Dear Valerie,

Last Saturday at the TEP annual meeting, the membership elected a new board and the board elected our officers for the new year beginning July 1.

Newly elected board members include Gene Floyd, Susan Ford Wiltshire, and Abbi Groft. They join continuing board members Rhonda White, Roger Schecter, H.G. Stovall, Jeff Rymer, Brandon Hutchison, Lisa Beavers, Stephen Henry, Marisa Richmond, John Snyders, Jeremy Davis, Chris Nelson, and me.

2007 TEP Board members include (front row, left to right) John Snyders, Marisa Richmond, Lisa Beavers, Rhonda White. (Back row, left to right) Roger Schecter, Chris Nelson, Brandon Hutchison, Stephen Henry, Christopher Sanders, TEP’s lobbyist Jenny Ford and outgoing board member Randy Cox.
Photo by Jerry Jones

Founding board members Randy Cox and Joe Sweat did not seek reelection. Randy is one of the founders of TEP and its former president. He is an activist’s activist, and we will miss him. Joe Sweat has played a crucial role in building our lobbying presence on the Hill and we cannot thank him enough.


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