More Subpoenas coming…

April 20, 2007 – 2:27 p.m.
Waxman Threatens Multiple White House Subpoenas
A flurry of subpoenas for White House testimony and documents are ready to fly from the Democratic-run Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Rep. Henry A. Waxman of California, the panel’s chairman, sent notice today of his intention to issue subpoenas on April 25 for testimony from former White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card, as well as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Waxman also outlined plans to subpoena documents relating to Republican National Committee e-mail accounts used by administration officials and work done for Vice President Dick Cheney’s office by defense contractor MZM Inc., which was at the center of the bribery scandal that landed former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, R-Calif. (1991-2005), in a federal prison.

The threatened subpoenas would be the committee’s way of saying that it is serious about oversight and willing to use its powers to drag White House officials before Congress and video cameras.

Source: CQ Today Midday Update
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