Dolly’s Training Schedule

Dolly is my “super prey animal.” She is on constant alert for signs of trouble and ready to flee, rear, run, escape whatever…trust is going to be the big issue.
I bought her as a four month old and was told she had never been handled. “you can have her cheap if you can get her in the trailer.” That is another story in itself but anyway, 3 hours later I drove her home to Avalon and unloaded her into the round pen. It took a month to halter her. She had a nasty bump on her nose (told it happened the day before when I guy came to look at her and scared her) and she had no trust at all for humans. Until starting Parelli work I had managed to calm her down enough for regular ferrier trims but that’s about it.

Today I went in her paddock and spent about 30 minutes rubbing her all over with my hands, the halter and the carrot stick. By the time I quit she was standing with her head down while I swung the carrot string on her back, neck, butt and belly. I can halter her if i “catch her.” but i don’t want to do that now. I want her to come to me & lower her head. I think today went really good. I gave her some treats and noticed her watching me for quite awhile after I quit. I think she was pondering what just happened.



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5 responses to “Dolly’s Training Schedule

  1. rckevlin

    Sounds like you’re making good progress already! The main thing is TIME. It takes lots of patience to get anything done, and we’re all so busy… it’s hard to make the time to do it right.

    I look forward to seeing her “progress sheet” in the feed room. 🙂

  2. Today Dolly did very well yeilding to pressure along the fence in the arena. It takes very little to get her feet moving. Quite a difference between her and my gelding Sirocco. I have to remember to soften my cues with her. She’s figured out to go backwards too in the yo-yo game but needs work coming back to me…the trust issue I’m sure. I also practiced getting her to bend her neck and got a perfect bend to the left. Very stiff to the right. It’s common to have one side supple and one side stiff. You have to figure it out with each horse. Work more on the bend on the stiff side. Did alot of friendly game on her throughout reassuring her. She seemed interested most of the time. Still giving her pellet worm meds which she had today. Turned her and 3 of the mares out in the big field with the geldings until the fences are done. Drought has killed a lot of grass. Thankfully it rained hard today although Emily & Brenda were down at the creek when it hit and got soaked.

  3. training update…
    back to basics (friendly game) alot. worked on touching all her oh “no places” with the stick particularly around the poll & ears. great progress there. We moved on to swinging the string and started by leading her and swinging it in front of her as she walked toward it. no big deal now…success! after all that (about 15 minutes or so) we worked on driving and moving off the hind quarters and the forhand. (both sides) not used to someone on her right side so protective. got a little bend of the head & neck both ways and to the left is almost full bend & soft. we ended with some backing and coming to me (the yo-yo game) and quit. I walked her to the feed room and gave her a horse cookie which she loved. before the whole session started i put my hand on her poll and got her to drop the head. she was very responsive and did not try to evade as she did yesterday. haltering (and removing it) was the best today that it’s been.

  4. 9/23/07 update
    Today she completed the circle game both directions, yo-yo game and a lot of backing up, I introduced her to the tarp and put a saddle pad and sirsingle (sp?) on her. For those who don’t know what that is…it straps around her girth area like a saddle and is used in training to simulate the saddle. It has a series of ring to thread driving reins etc through. I’ve also been working on handling her mouth area as I need to give her deworming medicine as soon as she’ll let me. She is terrified of the fly spray and that too is part of the daily routine…not spraying yet just with the bottle in my hand. that alone is enough to freak her out. weird since i’ve been able to completely spray her down with the water hose…she also has a nasty knott in her main that i’d love to spray with show sheen and try to comb out but she wont let me near her with the spray bottle. i even tried putting fly spray on a towel that i had just rubbed all over her head not problem. wouldn’t have any of it. head up…eyes buggy…
    i can see we still have a lot of work to do here.

  5. Today we played the games and she’s doing the circle good at the walk. i sacked her face out with the worm med tube and she did pretty good with that and also my hands on her muzzle a lot. we played the squeeze game too and i introduced her to the tarp. she spent a while sniffing and finally walked over it.

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