The Arena Rails are Going Up!

Finally we soon will have an enclosed covered arena so we can ride and work the horses from the ground “at liberty.” (no lead, reins, lounge line etc.) We’ve had the arena but no sides on it.

Mark from my gay bowling league THE RAINBOWLERS is doing the job for us and coming along nicely with half of the posts in already after 2 days. His team btw won this year (mine is called the ya ya’s and we came in 6th.) Congrats to Mark’s team!!!

Looking forward to it’s finish and what more we will be able to do with the horses in it.


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One response to “The Arena Rails are Going Up!

  1. Mark finished the arena fence Friday and it great! He made a gate out of wood that’s really cool too. (2 five foot pieces so when you open both you can the tractor in. One side can be opened from horseback too so we can practice that. Perelli talks about teaching a horse to back through a gate (yo-yo & squeeze game I think) and it’s just the right size to do that too. If you’re in Nashville and need some work done around your place we know just the guy that can do it. Thanks Mark!

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