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ACTION NEEDED NOW—Parental Involvement Bills On Notice!

What’s at Stake:

We must block Senator Bunch’s Bill and win with SB 2162 by Senator Burks. Click the link below to support SB 2162.

Help promote positive activities in students’ curricular and extracurricular activities.

Two bills TEP is tracking will be heard Wednesday, April, 11 at 9:00 AM in the Senate Education Committee (Legislative Plaza Room 12). At stake is a policy decision about parental involvement in their child’s school extracurricular activities.

The bills are SB 1133 by Dwayne Bunch (R-Cleveland) and SB 2162 by Charlotte Burks (D-Monterey). Senator Bunch’s bill requires parental consent for students to participate in clubs, and is the same bill as Rep. Hill’s in the House. Senator Burks’ bill allows directed parental and guardian involvement with children in school activities such as chaperoning field trips, fundraising events and working with after school clubs.

We need your help NOW to block Bunch’s bill and pass Senator Burks’ legislation. The Burks bill calls for “hands on” parental involvement. Meanwhile the Bunch bill, which seemingly mandates parental “interest”, has too many unintended consequences. A clear example would be a child having his or her only outlet for camaraderie stifled by disinterested parents failing to sign a document—no matter what club the child may chose to join.

Your support is needed! Get behind Senator Burks and support her Parental and Guardian Involvement Legislation. Click below and send an email TODAY!

Also please call Senate Education Committee members and voice your support of SB 2162 by Burks and your disapproval of SB 1133. Click on “Send Email” to find the lawmaker’s phone numbers and talking points.

TEP Bill Tracking

To keep up with important legislation TEP is tracking for you, click this link. If you would like to contact your state representative or senator, be sure to utilize TEP’s Website or click this link.


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