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What’s at Stake:

We must protect our kids and promote the right kind of parental and guardian involvement in school activities. HB 1943 (Winningham) promotes positive activities in students’ curricular and extracurricular activities. Click below and send an email supporting this bill.

Coming up this Tuesday (April 3) in House Education K-12 Subcommittee, senior lawmaker Rep. Les Winningham (D-Huntsville) will present HB 1943. Winningham, chair of the House Education Committee, is championing a bill allowing more directed parental and guardian involvement with children in school activities. Current law identifies program planning for participation by parents. This new bill defines these activities, which are programs you might expect—chaperoning field trips, fundraising events and working with after school clubs.

Clearly Winningham’s bill calls for true hands on parental involvement. This is what Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough) said he was trying to do with his legislation requiring parental consent for students to participate in clubs (HB 0905). Unfortunately, Hill’s bill could have too many unintended consequences. For instance, should a child find their only outlet for camaraderie thwarted by disinterested parents—no matter what club they may chose to join?

Your support is needed! Get behind Chairman Winningham and support his true Parental and Guardian Involvement Legislation. Click below and send an email TODAY!

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2 responses to “action update from TEP

  1. Elmer Gantry

    Also see Tennessee RU-486 Representative Matthew Hill

  2. val

    Thanks for the update/clarification

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