great training articles



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3 responses to “great training articles

  1. rckevlin

    Did you find a link to a site that SHOWS how to do this? I can read it and still not understand the nuances like I would if I SAW it being done.

    For instance, I thought Journey knew the Circle Game, but then you told me that I’m not supposed to circle with her, but stand still and pass the rope behind me. I’ll bet there are a dozen other things that I’d pick up from seeing them rather than reading them. Some of us are slower than others. 🙂

  2. Pat perelli has a video/dvd on all 7 games and explains/shows how to do each one. His trailer loading dvd also covers very well the circle game, friendly game, squeeze game & yo-yo game. The biggest thing to remember is you’re trying to get a response with the least amount of pressure so there’s usually 4 degrees of cuing for each game starting with lightest to strongest. Also as soon as you get the response you have to release the pressure so they understand what you’re asking. as polly says…the last thing you stopped doing is the point where they learned.

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