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Police discrimination claimed in Columbia
Gay man claims he was arrested for ‘being gay’

[Editor’s note: The Maury County Sheriff’s office and Columbia Police Department have been contacted about this story. Updates will be provided as new information becomes available.]
by Jerry Jones
Posted 03/30/2007

A gay man visiting friends in Columbia, Tennessee claims he was harassed and arrested by Maury County Sheriff deputies and Columbia Police officers because he was “gay and effeminate.”

Brian Williams (not his real last name but he asked that it be changed for fear of retalitation), 39, of San Francisco, CA, was visiting Mathew Sabah, 27, and other friends in Columbia, when he was arrested on March 24 for public intoxication – despite his claims that he had drunk no alcohol and no sobriety tests were performed on him for public intoxication.
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Here’s my thought abaout this…i would contact sothern poverty law center and report this to them-val


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