Today we broke record high from 1907

well we’re off to the start of another record high temperature year here in Nashville. I just checked Ch 2’s forcast and they say we broke the record today set 100 years ago. A sunny 85 degrees for March. Start making that bio-diesel Brenda…good luck to Mother Earth…oh…and us.



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5 responses to “Today we broke record high from 1907

  1. rckevlin

    On the other hand, if it was almost that hot 100 years ago, maybe it’s not going to Hell as fast as we think… which is not to say it’s not going to Hell.

  2. It’s already been a very hot and (I think) the driest year on record. A few days or weeks out of the norm is one thing but let’s hope the trend doesn’t continue.

    Regardless, it’s time to implement some of our projects and do our part to save Mother Earth!

  3. I agree Brenda I am planting some trees in the yard does that count? Changed out another light bulb this week to flourescent too. Can you imagine what august is going to be like if it’s this hot now?

  4. ann

    Scientists have only been documenting weather patterns and temperatures for approx 100 years. Without weather data more far reaching, it is hard to convince many that global warming is factual. It is an easy datum to attach oneself to. There is such far-reaching proof, way beyond tempature, that needs to be acknowledged by all. However, when that is the “hook” that politicians use, and the common “bit of weather trivia” forecasters always provide, the general public will continue to doubt, and individuals will continue to ignore the writing on the wall, or should i say, the atmosphere.

  5. mark

    I found your blog post from this one:

    Think about it 🙂

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