A message from Kate Clinton on being active in local politics

This message was in this week’s newsletter from comedian Kate Clinton. (one of the funniest lesbains out there) Cynthia Nixon will be presenting the Pioneer Award to Kate Clinton at this year’s NYC GLAAD Media Awards in New York City. -val

Kate Responds To A Survey Request: How can you be part of the political movement?

For a number of summers, when I worked at the Vixen at the Pilgrim House in Provincetown, the manager was the indefatigable Pam Parmakian. Despite the late hours, early mornings, emergencies in the housekeeping staff, iffy electricity to the sound system and the delicacies of crowd control, she was always a fair boss to her staff and a great support to me. Despite her endless bookkeeping, ordering, management, scheduling duties she never lost a sense of fun. She claimed it was her Armenian roots. And she loved the beauty and history of her town. Her small boat with a 15 horsepower engine was called “To the Point” and she always managed a trip or two or week across the harbor to back beach with her beloved German Shepherd, named Lucky. That’s what I called her anyway. The dog was lucky to be with Pam.

Over the years, in the off-season Pam became involved in lots of town committees – low-income housing, Ptown promotion, historic preservation, taxes. Some “off-seasons” she served on two or three community boards. A passionate civic learner, she would tell me about how she was facing her fear of public speaking by giving reports or speaking at town meeting. She recently told me that she has decided to run for Board of Selectman, the six-member board which runs Provincetown. She said she was doing it because, “I’ve got a lot of ideas and I love this town”.

My girlfriend has a book on her shelves called “Freedom is an Endless Meeting”. In fact it is. I am very grateful that people like Pam, who wanted to have a say in her town, took the first small steps of learning how the town works by being on boards and that she now is ready for larger responsibility of the bigger job. I’m so proud of her. She really shows how getting involved at the local level starts. You can do it too. Be a part. Start small. But start.


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