My letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer/global warming committee

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Dear Senator Boxer,

Global Warming is I believe the issue of our generation. Many people are just now waking up to the fact that it is real. It is changing our world as we speak and it threatens to create havoc around the globe, not 50 or a hundred years from now, but from here on out…unless we act. Even our actions, no matter how large, may not turn things around. We must try. It is our moral duty as citizens on this planet to do everything we can.

As Americans, we should be leading this effort in every way. Huge corporations have mislead average citizens with corporate payroll scientist hired to spread myths to stymie actions that threaten their bottom line. Right wing corporate financed politicians have blocked legislation that is designed to reign in their benefactors. Right wing corporate controlled media has spread a message vilifying those that speak out about the issue of global warming, what’s contributing to the problem and what must be done to stop it.

I would like to see us as a nation begin to show the rest of the world things to do to reverse this spiraling catastrophe. I think we should combine the best minds together in a “Manhattan Project style” effort to focus on solutions from this point on. Funding for a project of the size and importance needed will require great sacrifice. We must be willing to look in all areas for sources of income to move this project forward.

Here are just a few ideas I hope will be considered by the committee studying this issue:

NASA: Cease federal funding of all exploration outside this planet until we have “fixed” our own planet. Open space exploration up to private individuals & companies interested in commercial space ventures but take the federal funds and apply them to global warming issues and clean energy development. Create a branch within the current NASA program to work on this issue alone. Utilize NASA scientists, computer anylists and technology minds to help save this living planet instead of only looking outside this world.

Corporations: Create carbon credit & taxes. If you run a “clean” business you get tax breaks, if you pollute you pay for it. If the product you make pollutes, you pay more toward clean energy research via more taxes or tariffs. For individuals, if you build enegy efficiant houses, drive energy efficiant cars you are compensated in fedral tax breaks for it.

Engine Idle Laws: Review all situations where vehicles are idle and legislate to turn the engines off. This not only applies to automobiles but to airplanes sitting at the terminal, busses waiting at the depot, ships sitting at the ports, semi-trucks sitting at the truck stop. If it’s not moving, turn it off. Require battery operated generators or generator use only for refrigeration in vehicles rather than the main engine.

Create incentive packages or prizes for clean energy discoveries. Subsidize student loans & grants for studying in these areas. Support clean energy inventors by teaming corporate business with them through tax credit programs and grants.

Review Military spending and stop funding war. Bring us back to a defensive military only.

Good luck, Thank you for serving us all and for reviewing my suggestions. I wish you much progress in this very important struggle to protect the only world we have.

Valerie Reynolds


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