Dems to question Bush’s inner circle about firings of US attorneys

I know you’re not hearing much about what the democrats are up to but there are at least 52 investigations going on right now. When the dems were in the minority for so long they knew it was pointless to write bills that would never pass so many used their staffs to conduct investigations on their own. What they learned is coming out now that they hold power in these hearings. Articles of Impeachment could come from any one of these hearings so now is a very good time to start watching your c-span. This coming friday Valerie Plane is testifying. Tune in and listen to a woman who put her life on the line for our country and what happened to her by this criminal administration. I believe what they did to her is more than “High Crimes & Misdemeaners. I believe it was Treason.

Here’s some info about the firings of the Prosecuters. This one is going all the way to the White House…I found it at

Investigation Into Firings of US Attorneys Hits the White House
By Margaret Talev and Marisa Taylor
McClatchy Newspapers

Friday 09 March 2007

Washington – A congressional investigation into the firings of eight U.S. attorneys reached into the White House on Friday, with Democrats saying that they’ll call in President Bush’s former counsel Harriet Miers and other unidentified White House officials for interviews with the House Judiciary Committee.

Lawmakers have been asking whether the federal prosecutors’ offices have become tainted by partisan politics. Until Friday, the official inquiry had ended with the Justice Department.

The decision to extend the inquiry to Bush’s inner circle suggests that lawmakers believe there may have been some level of coordination of the firings from inside the White House last December.
(full story)

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