Check out another player in the Bush crime family

This guy keeps popping up when a lot of money is missing or stolen from our treasurery via dubius “no-bid contracts”
John Snow
From Randi Rhode’s website here’s some background on him…

Treasury Secretary John Snow was chairman of railroad company CSX/. After he left the company for the White House, CSX sold its international port operations to Dubai Ports World for more than a billion dollars.

In Connecticut today, Snow told reporters he had no knowledge of that CSX sale. “I learned of this transaction probably the same way members of the Senate did, by reading about it in the newspapers.”

Horse Hockey I say…
Well wouldn’t ya know it, I’m researching the problems at walter reed and bingo! There he is again. If you remember the Dubai ports deal was the united arab emerates and yes they now control many U.S. ports. (they also funded huge amount to Carlyle Group) When you hear Carlyle Group that is George H. Bush (Sr) When you hear Haliburton, Brown & Root that’s Dick Cheney. Is it making sense to you? This time his name (John Snow) appears in the Washington Post in relation to the private company that has taken over maintaince & services at Walter Reed.
IAP, based in Cape Canaveral, has provided such services to the government as delivering ice in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina and helping maintain Afghanistan’s air traffic control system. (Remember all the trucks of ice that traveled in different directions and never made it to new orleans?) In 2006, the firm had $393 million in military contracts, according to Pentagon data.

IAP is owned by Cerberus Capital Management LP, an asset-management firm chaired by former Treasury secretary John W. Snow. The company is headed by two former high-ranking executives of KBR, formerly known as Kellogg Brown & Root. Al Neffgen, IAP’s chief executive, was chief operating officer for a KBR division before joining IAP in 2004. IAP’s president, Dave Swindle, is a former KBR vice president.

The company has worked at Walter Reed since 2003, providing housekeepers, computer analysts and clerks under a Treasury contract.
(full story)


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