To Hell with little yellow car stickers…this is how we support the troops.

I sent this to the Governor & both senators. If you haven’t read the article in the Washington Post about the horrible conditions our returning soldiers are enduring then please read & contact our Tennessee Officials: (Warning…this article will make you cry.)
Part 1
part 2

Dear Governor Bredesen (also both Senators)
I would like for you to identify the Tennessee Soldiers that are languishing in the outpatient system at Walter Reed Army Hospital and bring them home. Place them in our fine public hospitals that Nashville is so proud of or in our local V.A. Hospital. Make sure they get the excellent treatment and care that they so deserve and have our state senators make sure all of the paperwork and red tape that has kept them there is taken care of for them. According to the Washington Post article, some have been there for as long as two years in horrid conditions. This is unacceptable. They need our help now. We need yours to get this started in Tennessee and hopefully other states will quickly follow suit. This is how we support our troops. Please do it sir now, It is my wish to see Guard Helicopters up there tomorrow waiting to bring them home.


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