Welcome to The Friends of Bill W. Forum!

As they say…a coffeepot and 2 drunks make a meeting. This is the sober forum for womyn in recovery. Any addiction be it drinking, eating, drugs, relationships, shopping, gambling…any of them…come here and meet a supportive group to face the challenge of changing old habits and letting go of self-destructive behavior. No one here is a professional and this is not a 12 step meeting. It is a place to find support and share with others who have walked a similar path and chose to embrace changing from the inside out.



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5 responses to “Welcome to The Friends of Bill W. Forum!

  1. B-day for me is 11-10-90 oh and for cigarettes it’s 9-1-06 although i’m still hooked on the nicarette. progress not perfection i guess. -val

  2. Eskimosik

    Hi all!

    What do you think about this? When it happens?

  3. Eskimosik


    What do you think about this? When it happens?

  4. SallyHilvbaters

    My girlfriend and I want to go on a awesome vacation soon. We were looking for suggestions. Anyone have any awesome locations? A means to save some cash would be awesome as well. Traveling is pricey these days.

  5. sometimes you can find discount flights to mexico. cozymel & playa del carmen are nice and there’s some very inexpensive hotels there. some great drift diving, ruins and beaches.

    there’s another lesbian cruise starting up and i’ll have to find out more about it. I know their maiden cruise is november ’09 and Dede, the owner of the website babe’s around denver http://www.babesarounddenver.org is going on it. I spoke to her about it when I was in Denver. you might ask her.

    this page also has lots of links to lesbian & gay vacations:

    Nashville has a glbt camping group not sure where you live but you might check with your local gay center and see if there’s one near you. good luck!

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