Welcome to The Horse Arena!

SiroccoWell now you’re talking my language! If you own a horse, used to when you were a kid or wish you could now then you’re in the right place! Lesbians & Horses roam on Avalon Farms and it’s a perfect combination. Running free in the field or dancing in harmony through dressage in the arena there is no finer balance than when there is true communication between horse & rider. This forum is for anything you’d like to share about horses. I’ll stop by too and hope to learn more from all of you about caring for & working with these magnificent creatures. (Be sure and check out my boarding page if you’re in Tennessee. Overnighters welcome if you’re traveling with horses) http://www.avalonfarmcast.com



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5 responses to “Welcome to The Horse Arena!

  1. this video sent in by Robyn is really cool…

    I don’t know if you gals can get this with your internet connections, but it’d be worth it to try. It will literally bring tears to your eyes.


    Robyn Kevlin

  2. Robyn

    I got my first horse this past Thanksgiving, at the ripe age of 47 — me, not the horse. She’s only 3. Her name is Journey, and she’s a dun pinto. She’s all wooly right now, but she’s still gorgeous. We’re learning a lot together, and she’s been very accomodating to this Rusty Rider.

    I look forward to hearing about your horses and the time you spend with them.

  3. rckevlin

    Anybody out there have experience with an Aussie saddle? The literature makes a big deal about “how it’s nearly impossible to fall out of one”. Before I talk Terry into buying me one, I’d like to get some feedback from you all…

  4. val

    I’ve heard they are really comfortable and trail riders like them a lot. It won’t keep you in the saddle though. Equipment doesn’t make you a better rider or the horse better behaved. Training and patience and you can ride safely in any saddle or without any at all. A young mare is a challenge and without being a top rider in excellent condition. it’s something to approach slowly and carefully. I think although you could benefit from riding lessons I would consider taking her to a trainer to improve her manners under saddle first. If it were me I’d do that before spending any money on anything else. Since you do so much to help out on the farm the least I can do is haul her for you in the horse trailer so don’t let that be the issue.

  5. val

    This weekend is the horse yard sale in Triune. Take nolensville rd away from nashville (south) to the 4 way stop in Triune (I think that’s 96) go through the intersection and then look for the signs on your right. It’s in the Triune Community Center.

    They have great deals every year. Last year I bought a couple of Rambo Blankets for $40 each. They retail for over $200

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