Welcome to Lesbian Events Forum! (Middle Tennessee)

I’ll be scanning the GLBT local media for listings as well as progressive local calendars to post things that I think might interest you. Please help me out and post here too. Remember the old NWA newsletter and how it used to keep us all updated on things? This is your 21st century NWA newsletter! Tell us where to show up. The more current it is the more it will be read and the bigger the crowd at your next Nashville area event.



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  1. Just in from TEP…Feb 20th

    Legislative Update-Join TEP Members for Advancing Equality Day!
    Dear Friend,
    Advancing Equality Day is Our Day on Capitol Hill!
    It is time for members from across Tennessee to join in celebration of TEP’s 3rd Annual Advancing Equality Day on the Hill, February 20th. We plan to have fun while informing lawmakers, meeting new friends and making a difference on behalf of the state’s LGBT communities.
    Here’s the schedule of events:

    Monday Evening
    TEP Board and TEP Foundation invite you to a reception at
    1517 Church Street, Nashville
    7:00-9:00 PM
    Please join us the evening before Advancing Equality to mix and mingle with members of TEP’s board, folks from Nashville and across the state.
    Advancing Equality Day on the Hill
    TPAC’s Johnson Theatre, 505 Deadrick Street, Nashville

    8:00-8:25 AM—Registration and Light Refreshments
    8:25 AM—AE Day Welcome—Christopher Sanders, TEP Board Chair
    8:30 AM—Special Guest—House Rep. Harry Tindell (D-Knoxville)
    8:45 AM—Mini-Lobbying 101 and Questions—Marisa Richmond, Public Policy Chair
    TEP “Advances” on the Hill
    9:30 AM—Appointments at the Legislative Plaza and War Memorial Building with Lawmakers Begin
    1:00 PM—TEP Tours The Capitol

    I want to participate, but don’t know who I am supposed to talk with?
    OK, you don’t know WHO your lawmakers are? Don’t worry, TEP will have wi-fi access available Tuesday and will be able to hook you up with the representative and senator you need to visit, or click here to look up your representatives on our website.
    Should I drive in the night before, and if so, how do I know where to stay?
    First of all, we would love it if you could come to the reception at TRIBE Monday evening! So, if you live in Knoxville or further east OR Jackson or further west, think about coming in Monday evening. For hotel information, click here.
    What is the attire for Advancing Equality Day?
    Business clothes are appropriate dress for AE Day. A suit and tie or sports coat and slacks for the guys. Ladies wear suits and dresses. If you are headed to work immediately after your appointments, and you wear a uniform, that’s ok, too!
    What can’t I live without on AE Day?
    For goodness sakes, bring your camera! Take pictures of yourself, friends and lawmakers. TEP is posting pictures on the website after Advancing Equality and the Monday Night Reception. We’d welcome you sharing as well. Also, make sure to have parking and lunch money. The minimum charge for day parking near the Capitol and TPAC is $6.00. Lunch prices start at around $5.00.
    What do I discuss with my lawmaker?
    Tell your lawmaker that you are a voting, tax paying citizen and deserve to be treated equally. In fact, you are in Nashville on February 20th to ADVANCE EQUALITY for all Tennesseans. You will be given more information on AE Day about legislation that has been filed to date.
    Don’t forget the TEP Reception and AE Day!
    We look forward to seeing you then.
    If you’d like to set up your own appointments prior to Advancing Equality Day on the Hill lawmaker, please click here for your representative’s contact information. Find your lawmaker and set up your meeting. Be sure to schedule it before 8:30 a.m. or after 10:00 a.m. CST, on February 20th!
    And, remember: You may always contact lawmakers by email, as follows:
    Be Informed and Be Active!

    Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

    If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for Tennessee Equality Project Action Center.

    This message was sent to avalonfarms@hughes.net.

    TEP Thanks Our Corporate Circle Members


  2. *Saturday, May 12 at 2:00 p.m. at a location to be determined is the annual membership meeting of the Tennessee Equality Project. At this meeting, we will review the legislative session and elect new board members. If you are interested in running, contact me at chris@tnequalityproject.com.

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