Welcome to Lesbian Artists Forum!

Promote your band here! Where are you playing? Where can we buy your CD? What picture or sculture or piece of jewelry are you working on? Artist enrich our lives and lesbian artists are almost always fighting for any attention to their work in mainstream outlets. Toot your own horn here! Help us help support you so you can keep creating that beautiul stuff that you do.



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3 responses to “Welcome to Lesbian Artists Forum!

  1. I’ve asked Liz & Jill (Of The Paint Sisters) to moderate this forum….

    Hi liz,
    I have set up a forum on my website for everyone to network. think of it as a virtual lesbian/womyn’s center online with emphisis on middle tennessee. there’s lots of different catagories depending on your interests. i have links all over the main website to it and there’s also a direct link to it at https://avalonfarmblog.wordpress.com
    I think you & jill would be great at the lesbian artists forum moderators. check it out and get back to me. You could spend as much or as little time on it as you like and post any band promo stuff/get other lesbian & progressive womyn musicians to use it.

    Here’s their reply…

    Sounds great Val. I will try it. The Paint Sister album is in mastering and will be done on Wednesday. A Paint Sister website is being built as we speak. My website, Ficalora Music Productions, is almost done too…


  2. aspedeVummoms

    Hi, I’ve just registered on this forum)) Want to share a cool vodafone commercial, here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6Cuq-BueEs Esta these guys know how to make a great ad))

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